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Sporty Summer Sandals

Calla In Motion

Sporty Summer Sandals

Lindsey Calla

Sometimes clunky sneakers just feel way too heavy for summer.  I want my feet to breathe and feel comfortable and look cute between every activity that I get into in the next few months.  Also, not every activity that I like to do actually requires heavy sneakers.  I love to ground my feet into the earth during summer.  Feel the grass, walk in the water, etc.  I want to also pack something for my summer getaways that is lightweight in my suitcase.  It's just about making versatile shopping decisions that suit my lifestyle and that's when I find I get the most use out of a purchase.  I partnered with Havaianas for the summer to style up some of their best sandals because they really are the best, most versatile summer staples out there.  Here are some of my favorites so far:

Gym to Street

In New Orleans, coming and going from the gym is a sweaty workout itself.  I've been doing a ton of floor exercises in the ballroom of my gym which only requires a mat and a workout ball.  Isn't a gorgeous space?  It's usually so quiet in this room and I have it all to myself.  When I leave the gym I feel breezy rather than caged in.  Havaianas has an amazing sport capsule that is so, so perfect for these situations.  The sole is made of extra soft rubber so walking is comfy and I just love the fresh look of these Atena sandals.  There's also an indoor pool here so I use these to walk around and skip the weight room and running track for a more zen gym experience. 

Street to Surf

The amount of cool stuff out there for sport right now is so fun.  The Havaianas Ring Sandal is so perfect for pre and post paddling.  It has a subtle pattern on the sole that keeps the foot stable when it gets wet.  It's so light as well so I always have this in my suitcase to wear around.  Most of the paddle gear these days dry really fast so I like to stay in my gear and just throw a tee shirt on over it and slide these sandals on and go into town to shop for treasures!  

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