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Staying Committed: The Lifestyle of Intentional Resolutions

Calla In Motion

Staying Committed: The Lifestyle of Intentional Resolutions

Lindsey Calla


In the beginning of the year I talked about making intentions over resolutions.  The main drive for this was to take the pressure off, create focus and a real plan for achieving goals, whether it’s health goals or career goals.   What comes with that, for me, is a commitment to a lifestyle that creates and fuels passion rather than a punishment.    It’s a more holistic approach to the year.   Here are some thoughts as we all do a little self check-in a month into the new year!


Create Yourself Before Consumption Consumes Yourself

This is a biggie for me and I feel like I sense others may need to reframe our thinking given the amount of time we spend on the internet.  Create something in yourself that inspires you before you consume content.  Perhaps it’s finishing a few chapters in a book, working on a project that has sat idle or getting to that new workout you’ve wanted to try.  Create yourself or create something that is of service to others before unconscious consuming.

Release Identity and Thrive in Variety

I love this because we get caught up in identities so much sometimes that we forget to have fun and experiment.  I got really caught up thinking my only workout was Ashtanga yoga so much that I forgot how much I love weight training and more gym inspired workouts.   Make space for new things in your life to inspire your health and wellbeing.  

Create Efficiency & Glow Doing It

I’m big into things that complement all the effort I put into my passions.  I recently started working with CliniqueFIT on their new range of athletic inspired, high performance skin care and make up offerings.  I’m super obsessed with this concept because it’s so targeted to a realistic, modern way we are all incorporating and prioritizing movement in our lives.  I tried their sweat and humidity resistant 24-hr Workout mascara, which is dream for my New Orleans climate and hot yoga habits.  Because Clinique has always been such a strong force in the skin and make up world, the mascara is the real deal!  I also love the Workout Makeup Foundation with SPF 40.  This is matte without stripping hydration from my skin.  That’s probably my biggest complaint with mattefying products.  I wore this outside for a workout and when I went out that night to a Mardi Gras parade I didn’t even touch up my skin.  Definitely a win!  Also my skin here is completely unretouched if that gives you a sense of coverage and believability.   I’m sure that most of you reading have super busy lives either with work or children and whatever helps create more time while also keeping us looking fresh is a good investment. 


It’s Only the Beginning

I kinda freaked out this week because I felt like we are so far into the year and I still didn’t have xyz done.  Consider time as an illusion.  Honestly, it’s really helpful especially if you work for yourself.  I personally have to motivate myself to be better because I work for myself but that also gives me more freedom with time, not necessarily in a good way!  If we drop the illusion of time as a constraint we open ourselves up to the idea that done is better than perfect.  A short walk is better than not walking at all, a few sun salutations are better than not doing the whole practice because there’s not enough time.  It’s about concentrating on the energy of the project or goal we are creating rather than stifling that energy because of outside pressures.  We are ready to think big and dream bigger.  Just get started and allow things to evolve naturally. 

Now that the year has begun and the shock of everyone talking about it has subsided, a good exercise is to rewrite intentions and revisit.  I hope this offers a jolt of inspiration to your wintery first quarter.  Onward and upward and thanks CliniqueFIT as a partner for the support and inspiration for this post! 

*If you're interested in picking up some of the CliniqueFIT range it's available exclusively at Ulta