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Straight To The Core

Calla In Motion

Straight To The Core

Lindsey Calla

I've always been a core girl.  I think it's a product of my generation where I was bombarded with pictures of Britney Spears' abs circa Justin T and Nsync.  It was 'body goals' before anyone actually wrote it under instagrams.  I remember reading about the intense workouts she would do for her core but this was also at a time when I was like 19 and could eat 3 cheeseburgers and wake up with the flattest tummy.  Now, it's a little harder and I also have enough wisdom to know that what you see on celebrities isn't always attainable for everyone, nor healthy.  Feeling good about the state of your fitness is really a personal journey and for me I absolutely love to focus on core strength.  This is partly because it provides a strong foundation for any other high intensity workout; it's great for your posture, gives your body better balance and it really provides extra support for me in yoga to get deeper into my practice and poses.  

The side plank is one exercise that I throw into my routine to strengthen my core no matter if I'm at the gym, at yoga, at home or on the beach.  It's so easy because I don't need any equipment to do it.  There are also a ton of variations of this in case you can't just bust out into a side plank just yet or you've mastered it and want to make it a little tougher.  The top leg can move forward off of your supporting leg to lessen the intensity or the top leg can lift entirely off your supporting leg either straight or bent with your foot resting on the supporting thigh, calf or ankle. 

It's also incredibly more difficult in the sand as you can see here my one foot wants so badly to sink in the sand and it really take much more control and strength to keep my hips up and keep my shoulders from creeping up like earrings.  

I'm thinking about putting together a beach bod workout guide for spring into summer.  Is this something y'all would be interested in? Let me know!  I'm here to listen and inspire where I can!

Bikini: Seea, Wrap coverup: Acacia