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Fuel & Strengthen

Calla In Motion

Fuel & Strengthen

Lindsey Calla

Days in New Orleans have been a little crazy lately.  It's Mardi Gras and the city is on fire.  The energy is amazing but it's the one time of year that is the hardest to stick to routines.  Businesses close and everyone gets in celebration mode so fitting in work and working out gets harder.  There's king cake everywhere, glitter on the streets, music blaring... it's an incredible site to see but hard to stay balanced!  

I get my workouts in early around 8-10am before everyone else wakes up from last night's festivities and carnival parades.  It's secretly peaceful.  My favorite time to pop into Reyn Studios is this time frame because I'm in love with the way the light flows into the studio through the warehouse windows.  It sets a peaceful tone for some restorative practice and easy stretching.  The heated room helps detoxify!

It's been almost two months since I started using the new Pantene shampoo and my hair is still shiny, soft and smooth on the regular.  I haven't switched shampoos one single solitary time.  I've brought the bottles with me on all my travels so my hair stays consistent and moisturized regardless of the varying humidities between climates as I travel.  If I'm checking a bag I’ll take the whole bottle and if I carry on then I pour some into travel size containers.  It's made such a big difference!  I have it in my gym bag because the studio has a shower so I can wash and go.  The shampoo strengthens and moisturizes my hair so well that I can air dry it and dries beautifully.  

This braid style is a double french braid criss-crossed in the back into two ponytails.  I've decided that I like to keep a little hair out of the braid so it feels more laid back.  Because of Pantene’s new shampoo, my hair feels healthier and shinier and soft enough to bounce so it's nice to show it off a bit!

In My Gym/Yoga Bag:

Aromatherapy & Ayurvedic Oils:  Vata balancing oils, peppermint and lavender are still always in my bag whether I'm traveling or in and out of the studio.  One of the last times we went to Mexico there was a scorpion in our palapa and apparently lavender oil repels them and from now on I always keep it with me! Weird story but you never know!

Cork Blocks:  I've mentioned this before for great reason.  They are essential for any restorative practice.

Maya Chia The Super Blend in Pressed Serum:  I've been using the oil version but I keep this on-hand when I need extra brightening and nourishment.

Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo/Conditioner:  I've been using this combination every day for added strength, moisture and shine.  The balm helps nourish my skin and this takes care of my hair.  It's all covered in one bag!

Lo & Sons OMG bag:  Perfect for gym to street