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Calla In Motion

Studio Street Style

Lindsey Calla

Street style is an interesting phrase that almost defines a blog generation but what it's morphed into is so far from what people are actually wearing on the street in real life.  When I'm walking around New York, New Orleans or around in the airport when I'm traveling I'm not seeing kooky mismatched patterns with funky sky high heels.  It's sneakers, comfortable fabrics and relaxed silhouettes.  It's going from fitting in a workout to running errands.  It's now I how approach my closet because I'm obsessed with finding things that are stylishly comfortable.  Maybe it's the way I've grown style-wise from all the mistakes I made years ago by consuming so many trends  and those pieces ended up not having longevity nor did they work for my lifestyle.  I wore almost this exact outfit to the airport recently and packed almost 80 percent activewear in my suitcase as I went from the Bahamas to Seattle.  I had the tank and the capris to run on the beach with and then layered the hat and jacket to whale watch a few days later in the crisp waters of the San Juan islands.

When I'm home it's 100 percent studio/gym to Whole Foods or other things I'm ticking off my list before I pick up and travel again somewhere.  I cannot think of anything more diverse than the sheer amount of adidas by Stella McCartney that makes up my closet.  I've been rotating strength training back into my workout routine in between yoga days to continue to tone and keep my muscles constantly adapting and less complacent.  Kettle Bell swings are one of my favorites lately and I need something fitted and light to be functional.  If I'm working on weight training it's almost always capri and something light on top that's flexible and breathes, like a fitted tank or sports bra. I've been sharing some strength and yoga inspired quick workouts for adidas this month over on their adidas women Facebook page if you're interested!  Also, don't forget to vote for Calla in Motion for Best Fitness blog

What's your street style philosophy?

Photos: Marianna Massey

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