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Summer Wardrobe Made Easy

Calla In Motion

Summer Wardrobe Made Easy

Lindsey Calla

I'm such fan of June.  I'm a raging moon sign with a really strong attachment to water and always celebrated my June birthday with an ice cream cake, because, summer!  So I get most excited about and feel most at home in a summer wardrobe.  Everything I have at this point is lightweight and versatile.  Turkish linens from Loomed Nola or SU Paris... Some moon jewelry from a Charleston designer...  Finishing it all off is easy summer sandals and waterproof accessories.   I don't always live in workout gear but everything still falls in the comfort category.  Light gauze, linen, hints of metallic to show off tan skin are all summer staples for me.   

Obviously I talk a ton on this site about what I wear when Im active but when I'm in New Orleans summer is about gathering with friends at a pool and then maybe heading out for casual dinner.  Everything is chill here.  Thank goodness!  To continue my partnership with Havaianas I wanted to show the other side of life a bit and how I take some of my staples and make it all work together.  These are also staples that I travel with so in my upcoming trips I'll most definitely be packing these babies.  It's SO hot here in summer and I couldn't imagine wearing anything more than this! 

Water-Safe Clutch

Pool to Paddle board to Patio

Literally the best way to waterproof my phone, keys, and other necessities.  My sunscreen fits in this as well and I love the gold color.  It transforms into a clutch for night so well, especially in the gold color!  I'll throw it in my yoga bag too so I can keep my small items organized. 

Versatile Sandal

Unique, subtle shine, lightweight

The You Metallic is one of my favorite styles Havaianas has for summer.  They create such a beautiful line for the foot because of the thinner band and little extra height on them.  I love the neutral color options and how they dress up my more casual summer fabrics. 

Fresh Mani

This is new for me!

Friends of mine just opened up a new nail art place in Nola (it's called Paint'd) and I've been hooked on trying new fun colors and styles out.  It's actually keeping me from biting my nails which I'm pretty excited about!  It's a good investment even just for that benefit alone! 

Turkish Towel

A dress, a scarf, maybe a blanket

So obsessed with how versatile all of this is!  These towels are make a perfect swim cover up and then can transform into a dress or the perfect neck warmer for airplanes.  I'm just drawn to the clean stripes lately.  It's a medium weight fabric too so it makes for a good option this time of year.  The touches of metallic take it up a notch.  This is about as dressy as it gets down here!

Happy Summer!