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Summer Style & Bikini Prep

Calla In Motion

Summer Style & Bikini Prep

Lindsey Calla

The perks of splitting time in the south means summer comes a few months early compared to up north. Temperatures have already hit 80 degrees, the sun feels strong and I am pretty pumped to live in bikinis and workout clothes earlier than usual.  I took a drive on Friday to the beach to catch the beautiful sunset and soak up the sand and sun. There's something about classic black and white that feels like a good transition swimsuit. The Express ones are mix and match so I tend to get creative on what to wear depending on my mood and how good I feel in a bikini that day.  Here are a few of my other tips and habits to stay bikini ready when summer starts to set in:

- Monitor salt content. Of course sugar is always the one culprit that everyone says to cut out of diet but I'm also really sensitive to too much sodium.  I try to limit anything overly salty from chips to sneaky sources like over-salted nuts that may seem healthy.  I've also been cooking a lot so I don't get a lot of hidden sodium from restaurants. I buy low-sodium everything from canned chickpeas for hummus or chickpea wraps (more on this later) and I never eat canned soups, packaged dinners or weird carbonated diet beverages. 

- Eat clean. This sounds like such a buzz-phrase but it does help as a guide to stay bloat-free.  The more color on my plate, the better.  I use a lot of lemon as well in tea, homemade dressings and avocado toast. It's one ingredient that always helps with energy and de-bloating.   

- Hot yoga. I feel like I'm preaching about this but if there's a big beach weekend or fitness shoot, I'm at hot yoga a few days a week.  It rings out any excess water-weight that's hanging around and forces me to drink more water.  My studio in New Orleans this time of year is extra humid and hot which I love but it's definitely not Bikram hot.  A studio around 95-98 is always the perfect temp for me so it can still safely be a power yoga, not just a hot stretching.

Bikini top, bottom, hat, sunglasses, & flip-flops: Express