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Morning Gold

Calla In Motion

Morning Gold

Lindsey Calla

Live your life facing the rising sun

I wish I could say I was one of those people who woke up every day at 5am.  Every so often I stir early enough to see the a pink streak of light hit the wall signifying the sun coming up over the Mississippi but I have yet to actually get up and go watch it.  But if you take me a few hundred miles south and put me on a beach, I'll be up every single morning waiting to catch the giant orb come over the horizon.  There's just something about the energy in the Yucatan that ignites a fire in my soul.  I was happy to land in Tulum for a bit last week to escape the oppressive summer slump that hits New Orleans this time of year.  The fact that the city has so much water but none of it is actually swimmable drives me slightly insane.  I had also spent the whole month of May studying Mysore Ashtanga intensively almost every day and my body needed a recharge and realignment.  I felt really confident that I was able to make use of this beautiful glass box yoga studio at Sanara Tulum with my own self-led practice.  I believe so much in this program and I'm trying to figure out how to best take what I've learned and put it on this blog for you to digest.  For being something that's so easy to do on your own once you've memorized the sequence it's actually incredibly hands-on at first.  

So for now I leave you here to contemplate the summer and hopefully inspire you to take advantage of every waking moment of its gorgeous light.  Even though I've covered Tulum on the site a few times I still feel like there's more to say about its energy and some of the new experiences I had in this beautiful part of the world. Stay tuned xo

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