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Bayou Fall

Calla In Motion

Bayou Fall

Lindsey Calla

Today marks the Autumnal Equinox, the official start of fall.  You would never know it down here, though, as the weather is still pretty toasty and no one dares to breakout sweaters too early.  But the most interesting takeaway from the equinox can be summed up in one word: balance.  It's a day where the day and night are balanced at 12 hours each all over the world.  It's a kind of scientific harmony that makes for a great excuse for us grounded, earthly creatures to reflect on our own internal balance.  In nature speak, we laid down the seeds for ourselves in the spring so we can reap the bounty in the fall.  What is it that you set out to do before the summer that you can now reassess?  Instead of finding balance, how can you create it for yourself?  

I did something yesterday that I've never done before, which is explore the unique landscape right outside my door to reconnect with nature.  There's a national park about 20 minutes outside of New Orleans that consists of nothing more than an old wooden path through the thick, mossy swamp.  Giant spiders hang from cobwebs that cross the path, alligators are plentiful in these parts, and wild boars and snakes muck around trying to find their way through the soupy water. I was terrified.  As we continued on the trail we stumbled on a very old oak tree.  Under the roots were piles of broken apart clam shells, which are the only remaining reminders that indigenous people lived here long before we did and somehow found a way to live in harmony with nature in of the most brutal terrains the country offers.  The clam shells were someone's discarded dinner many, many equinoxes ago.   

It's an incredibly brutal but beautiful part of the world.   While exploring it I had one of those moments where I realized living in the present and being happy with where I am at the current moment is most important and leads to the most happiness.  There's magic and beauty to be discovered everywhere.  I never thought I would live this crazy life where I live in the south and get to create for a living, but being down here has been the best thing for my soul.  Has anyone read Elizabeth Gilbert's new book Big Magic yet? I feel like it will echo some of the same sentiments on finding balance and creativity.  I'm excited to pick it up.  

I'm only in town one more day until I'm on the road again, but the start of fall and the reconnection with nature has me recharged and ready to take on the adventures that await the rest of this year.  Take today to do an internal balance check and surround yourself with things that bring you balance, whether that's yoga, walking, sleeping or reading.  You will thank yourself for it! 

Get the Look

Photos: Marianna Massey
Top & Pant: Eddie Bauer Motion
Shot at John Lafitte National Park