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Calla In Motion

Team SCA

Lindsey Calla

4 Oceans, 5 Continents, 1 Team

I am so excited to introduce you to something that is incredibly inspiring, boundary pushing, and utterly empowering.  Meet Team SCA and the Volvo Ocean Race!  I’ve been dying to share their story with you since I teased it before but now I can bring you into their world through my own experiences with them in Alicante.

If you’re not familiar with the race, it’s a 9 month long team sailing race around the world making it the longest sporting event on the planet.  There have been very few all-women teams in the event’s history and this year is the first time the women will have the same opportunities as the male teams.

When I heard their story I knew I had to come in person to Spain, where the race begins, to meet these amazing, strong women and challenge myself to take part in some of the tests they are constantly put through during the race.

One of the first things we took part in was a sailing trip where we had to actually work on the boat and help…well, sail it!  That’s actually me and a few other amazing digital ladies sitting on the edge of the boat! I had to coil the ropes and help grind the sails to get them up.  Me and the other girls had to work as a team to raise the sails and these things can weigh up to 250 lbs when wet!

I also had the opportunity to actually steer the boat and if you notice the horizon line you will see that our boat was completely at an angle towards the water.  I had someone stand next to me to make sure I didn’t freak out, or worse, lose control.  The boat doesn’t tip because it has a swinging lead weight underneath, thankfully.  It takes an incredible amount of strength, focus and balance to hold your ground on the slippery platform.

I felt so honored to have the opportunity to sit at dinner with some of these women and hear their stories.  I met two American women who have both sailed in the Olympics and they stressed that this is a completely different challenge and that is exactly what appeals to them.  These girls are mentally tough and the type of athletes that never back down to a challenge.  They want to be the best performing team in the race’s history so just imagine their determination and spirit.  It’s contagious and it made me miss the days when I played competitive sports and competed on a level that required me to be extra strong and sharp.