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The Most Beautiful Place to Stay on Earth

Calla In Motion

The Most Beautiful Place to Stay on Earth

Lindsey Calla

Dress:  Loup Charmant
Aesthetically it is perfect, the very epitome of that flawless anarchy which supersedes, because it includes and goes beyond, all the formal arrangments of the imagination. This purity, this wild and naked perfection of Hydra, is in great part due to the spirit of the men who once dominated the island.
— Henry Miller

I'm about to tell you about the most beautiful place to stay on Earth.  I'm slightly hesitant to give this secret away because it's so good.  We've all seen what happens when a place starts to go viral and then gets overrun, overshot, overhyped and overdone.  Santorini and Cinque Terre being two examples, these gorgeous places end up being a victims of their own beauty.  Here's the thing about this place though: only come if you will do your part to keep it the same.  Hydra, Greece, is one of those places on Earth that has cherrypicked the good of modernization (plumbing, electricity) but has shunned the bad (motorized vehicles of any kind, egregious architecture, hyper-tourism).  Because of these decisions to honor the colorful history of the port and island, Hydra has become the most peaceful place on Earth.  It stands for exactly what we all truly crave deep down inside: disconnection from noise and connection to simplicity.  


Everything is simple on Hydra.  Need to get around? There's a donkey for that.  But not like an overworked Santorini donkey parading tourists around but real working donkeys who still run provisions up a hill to the monastery or deliver wood beams to a builder.  They just so happen to moonlight as suitcase butlers.  This one choice of transportation option, besides your own feet, makes the island resonate with sounds of everyday living.  Ropes clink against fishing boats in the harbor, donkey hooves clunk against the cobblestones and a bell rings every morning to tell the shopkeepers that the provision boat has come into port. If you want directions you better be ready to listen.  Turn right at the clock tower, pass the fruit stand, go straight past the apotheke, up the hill past the donkey stables and you'll get there.  Easy right?  Everything has a true, simple purpose.  


The Salt White Captain House


Kris and I were lucky to chose Hydra as our wedding destination.  This time around we decided to find one of the island's unique captain homes to hang our straw hat for a few weeks.  The owner, Christos, met us at the ferry in Piraeus and rode the whole way on the water taxi delighting us with Hydra stories and notes about the home.  Nopi, the bright and lovely housekeeper, would be there to clean and provide anything we needed.  She would bring us giant blocks of fresh feta and she even wrapped our wedding table garlands around the bougainvillea tree.  We instantly felt at home.  Maybe a little too much at home ;-).  Christos will forever have us begging for the house every year!  It's by far one of the most magical homes I've ever experienced.  It would be hard to go back to Hydra and stay at one of the few boutique hotels.  This house is an experience for lovers, for families and for friends.  

4 bed, 3 bath
2 Outdoor showers
Wood burning oven
1 grand living room and multiple terraces tucked into the architecture of the home, all with sea views
Quiet end of town, situated perfectly between the Ports of Hydra and Kamini
wi-fi & AC
A sleeping cove that the kids loved
Unlimited ocean access from multiple rocky platforms
sunset (1 of 1).jpg

My favorite part was walking outside and watching this sunset while picking up the lemons that fell off the many lemon trees on site.  Oh there's also hanging grapevines, a cucumber garden, aloe plants in case the gods scorch your skin with beams of sunlight, and lettuce all growing in the garden.  All at your disposal while staying at the house.  The olive oil comes in an unmarked bottle from who knows where but probably straight from the source on the mainland Peloponnese.  Oregano grows wild on Hydra so you've pretty much got the makings of that delicious greek salad I mentioned a few posts ago.  It's heaven.  Have I convinced you yet?  Just make sure you check with me first before booking this house next year because I might already be grabbing it! ;-)

Suit: Zeus & Dione

Suit: Zeus & Dione

Thanks to Christos for making our wedding weeks so special.  This isn't sponsored in any way (not that it would change my approach to writing about it) but I truly feel that you would have the experience of a lifetime if you decide to go off the beaten path and give this a try.  Grab some friends and family and split the cost of the house.  It's magic!

You can view the property by clicking on the button below or reach out to me on social or through my contact sheet and I can give you Christos' email directly!