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Calla In Motion

The Skin Smoothie

Lindsey Calla

One of the most powerful ingredients when it comes to anti-aging is Vitamin C.  Studies have shown that there's a correlation between a high intake of Vitamin C and a lower risk of wrinkled and dry skin as we age (yay!).  It helps maintain collagen and is packed with anti-oxidents.  A great topical regime coupled with a diet full of Vitamin C can really do wonders for the skin. My face serum is actually a vitamin C serum with hyaluornic acid and I love it! *Read here to learn more about my skin routine*  I recently invested in Camu powder, a fantastic superfood that has 60 times more vitamin C than an orange per serving.  Pretty incredible!  It's virtually tasteless so it's a great way to add a boost of C to any smoothie.  Here's one of my latest smoothie creations that is packed with things to help maintain great skin.  

1- 1 1/2 frozen banana
1 orange
1/2 cup raw coconut water
1 tbs chia seeds
1 tbs Ground flax seed
1 tbs camu powder
3 slices of fresh mango
*if you want it creamier add 1/2 cup of low sugar yoghurt

This is probably the highest sugar content smoothie I make.  I usually stick with green smoothies most of the time, but this one is packed with fiber, hydration from coconut water, omega-3 from the flax, etc.  It's all about balance!  I also just bought a Nutri Ninja and now I can pretty much whip up anything in 30 seconds which is so key!  The second I started approaching diet from a more colorful perspective and not thinking about anything but 1) is it nutrient dense 2) is it natural/non-processed 3) does it make me feel good, my overall health improved from skin to energy to muscle production.  

Hope you enjoy!