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The Upside of the Backside

Calla In Motion

The Upside of the Backside

Lindsey Calla

Creating Balance and Body Harmony 

Hey guys! There are so many fad workouts and diets and new things popping up every day that promise to transform.  Transform is an interesting word because I believe that each body can respond to a workout differently given your body type, workout experience and overall commitment to it so the promise to transform always seems like such a lofty tagline to me.  Maybe it's that I turned 30 and started to settle into myself more to really make up my own mind to what I want to get out of things that I do for myself and yoga has been one of those things that has really clicked with me.  I read an interesting quote from Kate Bosworth on The Edit yesterday where she said something about her 20's being so hard and someone told her

You have to be patient, because you’re going to hit that next chapter where you’re going to settle into yourself, and that’s when things are going to get really interesting

When I read that it totally made sense.  The 20s were spent experimenting and trying everything, following trends, and trying to live up to other people's expectations and then something clicks.  For me, when I finally found the "time" to fit yoga into my life, I started to develop more patience and be less hard on myself.  Other than the mental benefits it's also really helped shape my body in a different way than I experienced in other exercises. I used to only train with traditional exercises like lunges, crunches and squats etc which was totally derived from years of training for sports where it's high impact training.  I used to joke that my front always looked good because I only focused on what I could see and my back was forever hunched over, my shoulder strength was so weak, etc.  When I started doing yoga it really started shaping the backside, specifically my actual back.  Days spent doing chaturanga and side angle twists had been realigning my body and creating a balance along with the strength.   

Strong is the new sexy so it's time to embrace strength! This is one of my favorite poses because it whittles the waist, opens the chest and heart and creates strength in the back and the legs by keeping them strong and energized.  Sometimes it's the simple things and subtle alignments that have the most impact and once that all clicks, who knows what else is possible!

Bra & Leggings: Olympia 
Photos: Marianna Massey