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Straight to the Core

Calla In Motion

Straight to the Core

Lindsey Calla

I think there's a really strange energy floating around in the world that says we are conditioned to define success with level of fame.  I think it's a really dangerous connection and one that leads to constant disappointment.  I used to put a lot of my energy into a television career, which was a career that I thought would be incredibly fulfilling.  I'll never forget the moment I sat with a top Hollywood agent as he explained the low that had come not long after an incredible high and achievements.  He said that it's all a hamster wheel.  You get on, you achieve, you get knocked down and you have to rise again.  Everyone is in a fight to stay relevant.  I took that meeting to heart and really thought about those words.  Is that what I want for my life?  Do I enjoy that immense pressure and constant disappointment?  Happiness does not come with fame or instagram followers.  It's not about seeking constant approval from others.  So, I changed my outlook on what I think success means to me and saw my happiness level rise.  

One of the things I prioritized the most after this was love.  When I did my Aura Soma treatment in Sedona the bottle I picked for the present was about love...self-love, allowing love from others to come in, etc.  It's my foundation for everything now and has become an incredible support system.  While I'm lucky to have a person in my life now (see the new ring ;-) ) I still prioritize loving myself.  One of the things I didn't want to come out of having a fitness-minded blog was the pressure to look ripped and more fit than everyone else.  It's not about that.  I actually just read an interesting article about the difference between having a strong core and having very defined superficial ab muscles.  Yoga keeps me strong mentally and physically and I do see a change in my body when I practice regularly, but it's a much different look than if I were to train my ab muscles through strength training and resistance.  A truly strong core is incredibly internal.   It stabilizes the body and provides a strong support system.  I've seen women who have super ripped abs but cannot do an inversion to save their life.  

Don't be fooled by fitness photos on instagram or let anyone else define your strength by just the visual.  If you feel strong and healthy, then that is a success on your own terms and there's no better feeling than that!

Been traveling a ton the past week or so and have tons to catch up on so stay tuned this week for some recaps of new adventures! 

Bra: Olympia
Shorts: Weargrace