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Calla In Motion

Collegiate Winter

Lindsey Calla

It's not a normal December really anywhere at the moment weather-wise.  I'm traveling to Arizona this weekend and there's snow all over the red rocks, and in New Orleans it has been so warm outside that I've been able to wear my light-weight workout gear and still can't stop sweating.  I'm not about to complain at all because I'm obsessed with the mid-70s, no humidity weather.  Moderate temperatures get me inspired to get up and out of the house to do something active outside.  I put myself on a good routine lately to run a mile to these crazy stairs that I run up and down 8x and then do strength workouts in Crescent Park.  Between that, some yoga, a new probiotic routine (more on that soon) and the weather, I feel pretty darn good for winter.  Maybe there's a tiny part of me that misses the Northeast and the abundance of holiday reminders both in the grey, dreary cool skies and things like ice skating, but not really. Ha.  The best reminder I have of the Northeast is a new brand I found called Tracksmith, which has this really cool collegiate, Northeast vibe.  It reminds me of things I used to wear for Lacrosse practice where number 12 and the school name were stamped on the shorts and sweats and I just wore them to bits and bits until they unraveled.  I held onto them forever until my mom tried to tell me that no boys will date me if I wear my oversized tattered lacrosse sweatpants around the house.  So when I found this brand I felt like I stumbled on something new that felt like I've owned forever.  They are still quite new so feel free to check them out.  I really like the singlets that have the stripe across the front.   

Bra & Shorts:  Tracksmith
Shoes: Nike