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Calla In Motion

Keeping a Fitness Routine on the Road

Lindsey Calla


One of the most asked questions I get about travel is how I keep my fitness routine on track on the road.  I totally get it because I struggle with it as well every time I leave!  I usually get into a good routine at home and then when I travel my schedule is so packed. It’s not easy, partly also because my sleep is disrupted when I travel.   Time changes with new surroundings and sounds all contribute to new sleep patterns and this ultimately affects my motivation as a whole.   The good thing is that I’m usually so inspired to explore a new place and the best way to do that is to throw on some workout gear and hike, jog or bike to explore.

Here are some things that really help me when I’m away:

Utilize a Fitness Tracker

One thing that I’ve found really, really helps is to utilize a fitness tracker or smartwatch.  Fitbit just came out with an awesome new watch called the Ionic Smart Fitness Watch that blends the two together.  It's amazing! *I picked mine up at Kohl's and brought it with me on my trip recently to Jamaica.  It has built in GPS (great for hiking), stores your music and even tracks your sleep.  I can track runs, store workout playlists, AND it can even recommend what kind of activity you should do depending on how restful your sleep was the night before!  That's crazy intuitive.  it's also water resistant so I would even wear it to paddleboard as well. 


Learn to Breathe

Before bed I find it’s really helpful to sit and do some pranayama.  Actually, this particular fitness watch has guided breathing options, which is an awesome feature!  Controlling breath helps relax the nervous system and is known to aid is better sleep. 


Take advantage of wellness offerings

Most hotels have amazing workout programs or wellness components that I love to utilize.  Ask for a guided map or running trails that are nearby, pick up a city bike and explore or ask the hotel to leave a yoga mat in your room. 


Pack Light

It's not worth lugging a ton of workout gear but rather being selective about what to have on-hand that can be used for various workouts.  I love this seamless bra because I can do yoga or run in it and I can also use it as an under-bra if I need to layer while out and about.  The soft grey lounge items are perfect for hanging out around the hotel sleeping or I can throw the tank with jeans and just go.  All of these things from the Nike leggings to the grey shorts are so lightweight they practically take up no room in luggage, which is key! 


Happy Travels!




This post was sponsored by Kohl's with their partnership with POPSUGAR.  While I was compensated by Kohl's, all opinions are my own.