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Unleashing Your Awesome

Calla In Motion

Unleashing Your Awesome

Lindsey Calla


I take awesome in its literal translation.  Awe-some.  Inspiring Awe.  Finding things that induce that overwhelming feeling of excitement or even fear.  That’s really what makes something feel awesome.   For me it’s reconnecting with nature and challenging myself to explore more and be creative all while trying to be a little better each day.   Some days it works, some days are tougher.  Some days I feel like I can’t continue to handle everything myself, and some days I feel on top of the world bursting with productivity and creativity.


I reflected on this when I collapsed with fatigue after climbing one of these massive sand dunes.  This was one of those days that just made me so excited to share.  It’s one of my favorite places in the world.   Tiny grains of sand from an ancient lake blow one by one and nestle up against the mountains to form these giant sand dunes.  Climbing them is a feat.  It’s physically exhausting and messes with you mentally because it feels endless.  You could climb for an hour and still barely scrape over just one of these giant peaks.   I had to bear crawl on my hands and knees at the top because it got so steep.  But then I got to the top, replenished, and watched the wind blow grains of sand over our footsteps, washing away any tangible memory of that pain.  It’s meditative to watch and listen to.  Did you know some blowing sand dunes produce a sound that registers various musical keys?  It’s a sonic phenomenon, an audible vibration.  How AMAZING is that?  There’s awe in the everyday fluidity of rituals in both nature and the human spirit.   It just starts with one tiny grain that decides to make one small step and then an avalanche of energy follows it. 


As I’ve been working with Core Power this fall I really wanted to highlight a part of their campaign called Unleash Your Awesome and how I have been incorporating it into my life! This moment and this place brought out so much inspiration.  To me, Unleashing Awesome celebrates the inspiration behind mini-triumphs and rebounds.  It’s about setting realistic personal goals rather than being paralyzed by all the success and highlight reels we see every day.  There’s awesome in small daily feats like getting out of bed when you feel frozen with anxiety or it’s about taking those few extra steps a day to work on your own personal health.  Maybe it’s adding one more minute to a meditation practice to get to a goal of 10 minutes of silence (spoiler: 10 minutes can feel like an eternity when you’re new at meditation!). I add Core Power to my daily routine as a way to nourish my body and take care of my own personal health, and I feel awesome when I do. In case you didn’t know, Core Power shakes have all 9 essential amino acids and no fillers or added supplements.  It is packed with so many nutrients to aid in recovery and restoration of the body and has 26 grams of protein. Some things can be so simple but have great benefits and make you feel so good. Core Power does this for me and I love their message of empowerment.  

So, how will you celebrate your awesome today?



Thank you Core Power for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own xx