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Calla In Motion

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Lindsey Calla


Just dropping a line to give some updates on life and yoga and other musings! 

Rotated Collarbone 

Well this is strange and oddly fascinating...  I've been having major inflammation, pain, weakness and loss of range of motion in my left shoulder.  It started when my yoga binds really started to get juicy and open up.  I was starting to get Marichyasana D on my own and then we went for the big guns: Supta Kurmasana or leg behind head pose after Turtle.  I really can't do this yet but we experimented and then I went off on a retreat where I did battle ropes and all kinds of hardcore beach workouts.  My shoulders began to wave a white flag so I took about two weeks off just so I can intuitively try to keep them calm.  

Well, it turns out that I have a rotated collarbone.  Yup, so turns out you can do so much repetitive movement that you can actually begin to shift the bones in your body.  Pretty wild!  So the ligaments have no more room to work and I'm lucky that I don't have a full blown rotator cuff injury!  I thought it was a bone spur because the S-curve part of my collarbone is actually jutting out of my neck.  Gross.  

     Primary Series Issues

This is a big debate that I have in my head about the Mysore Ashtanga approach to learning yoga.   It's brought me incredible flexibility and strength but the primary series has a very downward flowing energy and it's not until the second series that you start to practice mostly upward flowing energy and more heart openers.  My theory is perhaps this also contributed to my shoulders wanting to collapse in and proves the importance of counterbalancing poses. 

     Tech Neck 

It also turns out that looking down at a phone/computer has compressed my neck so much that I literally never look up which has contributed to this collarbone injury.  How sad is that??  I've become so dependent on technology that my body is begin to morph and take a new shape.  This is why I'm trying to spend as much time out in nature literally looking up at the trees or the sky.  I also have physical therapy to bend my neck backwards to compensate.  Oh, the world we live in!

     Tummy Sleeper

Along with both yoga and my tech habits, I also exacerbated this issue by sleeping on my stomach with my arms up above under my pillow.  This is my body's reaction to my neck being compressed and it's trying to compensate and find a way that feels comfortable.  Well, turns out this is actually very bad for my neck/shoulder issues.  

Hope this helps if you've experienced something similar!  



I recently was lucky to be a guest on Sheena Mannina's podcast called Raw Talk.  She has an amazing juice and tonic bar here in New Orleans which also has a beautiful meditation studio upstairs alongside natural beauty products.  It's gorgeous!  We dived into a lot of topics ranging from real thoughts on instagram, career lessons, yoga, travel tales and more.  Hope you will give it a listen!  This also sparked me to do my own podcast so stay tuned on that! I'm pretty excited about it.  I'm thinking of recording mostly when I'm on the road so I can pass along some of the knowledge from the people I meet.  

Link to podcast here:

Print Shop

I'm also so so excited to announce that I'm opening up a print shop selling some of my favorite photographs from my travels.  I'm almost ready to launch and can't wait for you guys to see!  It's been a long time in the making.

Enjoy the week and more excitement to come!