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Books to Lift Your Spirit

Calla In Motion

Books to Lift Your Spirit

Lindsey Calla


I took a creative sabbatical in August this year.  This is something that I've never ever done because of the daily pressure to keep up social media at a high level.  It was clouding me a bit and I was feeling stuck with all of the changes that happened in July.  So instead of scrolling I thumbed through the pages of books instead.  How magical! I have to share a few of these gems, especially if you feel stuck in any negative patterns. 

Dancing with the Gods by Kent Nerburn

Sometimes I feel like certain books find their way to you when you're in need of them. I was strolling through Telluride and popped into their local book shop. This book nearly jumped off the shelf and into my arms. I first thought it was some book on something ancient.  To my delight it was a book on creativity and how living a life in the arts can be alienating, frustrating, inspiring and soulfully fulfilling.  It was like he climbed into the deepest, darkest corners of my mind and confronted all of my fears and roadblocks.  He has a poetic way of writing about creativity and its journey.  Highly uplifting for the spirit! I will read it again and again. 

An Audience of One: Reclaiming Creativity for Its Own Sake by Srinivas Rao

This was the first book I picked up when I decided to dedicate more time to reading earlier this month.  No idea how I found it.  I think I fell down a rabbit hole of podcasts and found the podcast The Accidental Creative. This book is similar to The Artist's Way in theme.  The author dives into daily routines like writing 3 pages every morning in order to shake up creativity.  It's easy to read but packed full of little nuggets of wisdom.  W

What I love most about it is the overall theme that you should create what you love rather than trying to please everyone else.  I was feeling like my creativity was based on social approval which can be a slippery slope! Focus on the process, rather than fame and fortune, and abundance will follow.

Winds of Spirit by Renee Baribeau

This one is a bit more down the spiritual/ancient way of knowing path.  I love her theme of using your body as a compass.  Read the winds and let them guide you.  It's fun to dive into wind mythology and interpret those ancient ways in our modern world.  

Click the book covers above for links to each book.   Hope you enjoy and find some time to yourself between the pages. xx