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Vortex Wandering

Calla In Motion

Vortex Wandering

Lindsey Calla

There's no better magic than the magic of Sedona.  I never thought I would be the person who would feel energy or a pull to certain places.  I didn't spend much time out West growing up in New Jersey so I never understood how powerful space, vastness of landscape, could be.  Being a Cancer sign I'm meant to have really strong instincts and since I've slowed down my lifestyle a bit I've been more receptive to energy.  Sedona is one of those places where I really feel the weight of its magnetic energy.   Boynton Canyon, in particular, has an incredibly powerful mystique.  So much so that I researched getting married there (findings: it's REALLY expensive.  Moving on!).  

Boynton Canyon has always been sacred way before resorts and modern healers moved in.  Legend says that it was once under water, you can still see water lines like the rings in a tub around the rocks, and was a possible theory for the location of Atlantis.  So, even though this looks like the driest place on earth, the lasting impression and energy of water still draws me in like a familiar coastal town.    Not only does it hold this power but it also is said to be one of the only places in the world where male and female vortex energy coexists.  The spiraling energy shows up on the twisted juniper trees that you see when you hike the knoll up to Kachina Woman.    I feel incredibly balanced here.  I feel creatively inspired.  I feel clear.  

If you ever get the chance to pass through Sedona, don't forget to put Boynton Canyon on the internal GPS.  If you remember I stayed at Mii Amo/Enchantment Resort before which I would recommend hands-down any time of year.  This trip we just passed through.  We hit two vortexes.  One in Boynton Canyon and one on Airport lookout, which is known to have masculine energy.  This is where I caught the photo of the hot air balloon above the red rocks.  It's an incredibly moving sight to behold.  We had about 3 hours in town and I managed to climb to Airport lookout at sunrise, stop in Mii Amo for meditation in the crystal cave, buy a bunch of stuff in the gift shop including these (I'm obsessed with the packaging) and hike Kachina Woman.  

I also couldn't think of a better place to wear this Weargrace outfit, which has become like a uniform for me.  I practice yoga in it and I wear it to travel.  Its print is of the ume (plum) flower which blooms at the end of winter amidst the snow and is a powerful sign of endurance, perseverance and rebirth.   It was a perfect choice.  I hiked up barefoot to feel the earth beneath my feet.  I grounded in the red earth beneath me.  Just 3 hours in town and my center was realigned. 

Right now at home my flowers are in full bloom, according to Instagram the Sakuras are blooming in Japan and the world is reawakening.  Make sure to stop and take it in loves. <3