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Calla In Motion


Lindsey Calla

‘A’ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ai.

No task is too big when shared by all.

Hawaii is a place that has a long tradition of community, family and a deep connection to nature.  It's in this spirit that we gathered in Oahu a few weeks back to experience life, yoga, music, and the spirit of the islands at Wanderlust Festival Oahu.  By we I mean my adidas family, who in the past few years have been an incredible supporter and I can now proudly say that I am, officially, part of the adidas family.  I traveled there with their crew and an amazing squad of badass girls to conquer all that Wanderlust has to offer together all while capturing every single moment of the experience. 

If you're not familiar with Wanderlust fest then definitely put it on your radar.  It's basically a Summit Series for the mindful, bringing together experts and enthusiasts in mediation, yoga, music, and wellness.  It's quite literally the ultimate wellness escape.  The schedule was packed with yoga classes, hikes, and bootcamps.  Between that, the fresh food and the ocean, they basically had to drag me out of the sand by my yoga braid.  Here are some of the highlights:

Hiking Crouching Lion Trail

If you're looking for hike in Oahu that has a rewarding vista then this is the spot.  The hike itself is relatively short but it's steep.  We were holding onto the rope on the trail and climbing over rocks to get to the top but it is so worth it.  You get a great vista of the mountains and also a peek at the ridge line up close.  Below the trail head and across the road is the coolest rope swing over the ocean.  

Beach Yoga, oh the beach yoga

There's, of course, yoga everywhere at the festival.  Yoga by the beach, yoga on the beach, yoga on the water on paddle boards, etc.  It's heaven and the collective energy shared between so many yogis is inspiring.  Chad, one of the teachers at Wanderlust studio in Hollywood, is an incredible instructor and led me into an arm balance that I had yet to master.  It was an incredible feeling and no doubt influenced by the strong energy present at the festival. 

Surf & Slackline

There was also slackline yoga and aerial yoga, two things I had never tried before.  Slackline is incredibly tough.  I thought my core was strong until I tried balancing on a tight rope.  And it wouldn't be Oahu if we didn't surf! I got up a few times and it's weirdly tied to yoga in movement so it tied in well with everything we were doing. 


I cannot explain just how incredibly excited I am for this to launch.  I talk about finding your athlete a lot and it's because I truly believe every woman has an athlete inside of her and adidas is all about embracing the female athlete of any level.  With this idea comes the proof that we are just here to create.  My whole entire life has been about creating and making inspiring content for you all and I love being on this journey together.  

Check out the full story and video of the behind the scenes! The video is hi-larious seriously you have to take a look.  And of course the whole campaign wouldn't be launching if it wasn't for the new spring clothes that just dropped with this awesome floral print.  Check them out and click the photo to shop: