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Warriors Within Us

Calla In Motion

Warriors Within Us

Lindsey Calla

E Malama Kou Kino
— Care For Your Body

There's no doubt that a lot of things in this world are out of balance.  It happens at the biggest environmental or government levels down to an imbalance personally within our own selves.  More and more we now know and are learning (or re-learning) that balance leads to optimal health.  There were so many wellness talks and experts at the Ritz Carlton, Kapalua, during my stay that I tried to squeeze in every ounce of learning as I could.  I listened to a very fascinating talk by a man named Ramsay Taum, founder of the Life Enhancement Institute of the Pacific, who spreads the word of Hawaiian spiritual healing and the knowledge and principles of Kaihewalu Lua, an ancient Hawaiian combat/battle art.  

Lua warriors were soldiers of their time protecting their communities and families.  Lua is also the Hawaiian word for 2, which stands for balance and duality, masculine and feminine.  The warriors, as fearsome and skilled as they were, worked off of the principles of balance in both the physical and the mental space as an art, more of a practice of thought than violence.  What I found most fascinating, and why I'm sharing it with you all, is the life and spiritual lessons that we can take from that ancient art and thought process and how to apply it to our lives today to find balance.  

Ramsay's message reflected on a pretty accurate moment in our time.  He stressed the importance of learning to be centered in ourselves rather than be self-centered.  A few key words moved around but very different messages.  The spirit of Lua believes that violence is the lowest form of communication.  They pride principles over personalities.  There's intention and emotion in every way a Hawaiian speaks.  A Lua warrior when approaching an enemy would take every punch not as a chance to have a reaction but as a gift and an opportunity to return the offering back. They treat the problems over symptoms.

In order to honor the past and prepare for the future you have to be present

We can't control what others bring us but can control how we react and to be prepared by knowing ourselves and finding a balance within ourselves.  Alignment is an interesting concept that we love to say in things like yoga when you need to tweak your alignment physically or spiritually in order to connect to something in the present.  The Lua and the Hawaiians believe that alignment, that line, is the direct line between the ancestors and the future, the children.  If you step out of line you create imbalance and ruin the future.  When you step away from responsibility and your true purpose then your line stops.  It's only when you are truly centered yourself that you do not become self-centered.  

This photo at the top is a great example of controlling the mental and taking outside forces and finding balance.  As beautiful as this pose looks and how perfect it may look, it actually took a million times falling over to finally center myself to find the pose.  There was a giant rock about 3 feet from my head.  The times that I fell was when I feared falling and hitting the rock and was thinking about reacting before I even attempted to communicate with myself to find balance.

Hopefully you find inspiration here in approaching every day life and the problems that can arise. I think we are reaching a really interesting time when everyone's lives look really perfect and there's a lot of unhappiness rooted in comparison.  If we can at least be armed with the tools to deal with these mental and physical blocks then we are all starting from a better place to find harmony.

Have a great weekend! 

Photos: Marianna Massey
Top & Shorts:  No Ka'oi