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Calla In Motion

Wedding Wellbeing: 3 Month Countdown Plan

Lindsey Calla


Ahh the countdown is on!  I thought I had more time, honestly, but then I got a call that my dress was ready and I needed to come in for my first fitting in THREE WEEKS.  Yipes.  I'm also getting married the same weekend as Prince Harry and every news article has been making it pretty convenient to know exactly down to the hour how much time I have left to plan.

So here's the thing: in no way am I trying to alter myself for my wedding.  It's not about becoming skinnier or trying to fit into a standard of what a bride should look like.  For me, the wedding planning has taken a huge toll on my mentally from stress and anxiety so I want to do things that counteract that and make sure I'm as healthy as can possibly be for our wedding.  I'll be covering in detail what I'm doing to prep and this will probably dominate my content for the next few months.   Here's a quick rundown of what I'm prioritizing for my prep:

1 (1 of 1).jpg

Glowing Skin, Inside/Out

I tend to already take pretty good care of my skin.  I get regular oxygen facials, microdermabrasion once a season and I use a lot of LED Light and Microcurrent on the regular.  So for the wedding prep I'll make sure to:

Supplement my skin from the inside.  I love using Beauty Chef.  I've been a fan for the past 5 years! Internal health reflects on the outside and this is a great, natural way to get a bit of a glow
Daily Exfoliation and Hydration.  I love Joanna Vargas facials and I brought home her exfoliating mask to strip dead skin a few times a week.  After exfoliating I'll use a mask by Eminence (Strawberry Rhubarb for the win!) to hydrate.
No sleeping in makeup or other lazy habits.  Time to get disciplined on routines. 

Build Strength

In no way is my wedding about being skinny or losing weight to look "good" in a dress.  What I do want to look is strong and healthy.  I'd like to build some more muscle tone in my arms and continue to cultivate a strong core.  This includes:

Mixing together different workouts:  The Megaformer is where it's at for me at the moment.  Arms and Abs class is added in twice a week.  Megaformer (The Lagree Method) gives an amazing lengthening and strengthening to the body.  It's like doing weights but on a moving plaform.  So effective! 
Yoga.  My yoga practice, since my shoulders have been slightly injured, will focus on using balance postures to build strength and focus on movements like Boat pose for core strength.
Jump Rope.  I find this extremely effective for building arm strength and definition.  It's also easy to do anywhere and low impact for my shoulders.

Remember to Breathe

I know mindfulness is starting to sound like a dragged out buzzword.  But if you can effectively build a breathing practice it can be really beneficial to the mind, especially during wedding prep.

Pranayama before bed.  I used to have night terrors when I lived in NYC and they just started reappearing again.  Not good! So before bed I'll slow my pace down with breath exercises.
Yoga for the Breath Connection.  I won't be diving into building my ashtanga practice in the next few months.  I'll stay where I am with the Primary Series and continue to use it as a tool to link the breath with the physical practice so I can drop into a relaxed yoga bliss state.
warmclarity (1 of 1).jpg

Anxiety Soothers

Personally I'm not a fan of any prescribed anti-anxiety medication and I've found a natural alternative that is legendary: Kava!  I've talked about this magical root before but lately I've been reaching for it to calm my nerves at night and the effects are immediate.  I use the Gaia brand Kava Kava Root from Whole Foods! A few droplets in my night tea and I'm set.

Stop Nail Biting.

If you suffer from this horrible habit like I do you'll know how hard it is to stop when stress levels are high.  The best thing I've found that is miracle level status is the TenOverTen Rose Oil cuticle oil.  This stuff is brilliant! I put it on before bed and the next morning there's amazing growth back on my cuticles.  Highly recommend!

Ok, this sounds like a lot but I'm excited about having a reason to refresh a bit especially for Spring!  More coming soon on exact tips and movements that I'm finding helpful for my wedding prep!