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Weekly Workout Schedule

Calla In Motion

Weekly Workout Schedule

Lindsey Calla

It's been a few weeks since I've traveled and I've been settling back into New Orleans life slowly, as one does down south!  It's been a mix of catching up on emails, errands but mostly getting back into a workout routine.  Even though I was active on all of my trips, I didn't keep up with my ashtanga practice like I do at home.  I'll usually put in about 2 hours of practice a day, slowly chipping away at the primary series and woefully wondering why my ligaments and muscles still want to be so. un. flexible.  Nothing truly good comes easy so I'm willing to put in the work and it conditions and tones unlike any other workout tbh. 

My workout schedule is as follows on a typical New Orleans week at home:

Sunday-Wednesday:  1.5-2 hour primary series Mysore practice from 9am-11am.  *Mysore means that I show up to the studio but lead myself through the poses and count the breath myself, rather than following a teacher's lead.  The teacher will help adjust and teach new poses when I'm ready.
Thursday:  9 am-11am led ashtanga primary series where Stephen, my teacher, leads us through the breath count rather than us practicing mysore style
Friday:  10am-11:15am, Level 2 yoga class at Reyn taught by Stephen.  This is basically more of a workshop than a power hour, so it gives me time to play around with more advanced poses I don't usually practice all week like Camel and forearm balances
Saturday: Rest!

There are a lot of days that I'll do my own practice at home rather than in the studio.  Because I have the breath and poses memorized I can do it wherever, whenever.  I ended up changing my dining room into a yoga room so I have no excuse to not fit it in!  I love having a sanctuary, a place where I feel truly comfortable and inspired, to devote just to yoga.   I'm going to do a separate home post but here's just a teaser!

The one thing I always do post-yoga is come home and make a protein shake, which sounds really cliche but I'm working on building muscle, especially in my arms, so protein is key.  I'm really into Tera's whey protein at the moment, mostly because it is organic, non-gmo, grass fed, fair trade and has very, very few ingredients.  Highly recommend!  

In terms of cardio, I feel that this style of yoga heats my body up internally and burns fat while also building strength, however since I drive a lot and don't move as much as I used to in NYC I'll jump rope, take a walk around Audubon Park or do incline interval workout at the gym.  It's always just about moving more and eating fresh foods.  Doesn't need to be much more complicated than that!

Photos by me at Reyn Studios Nola