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Calla In Motion

Well in London Part II- Shiatsu on Hyde Park

Lindsey Calla

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While in London, we spent half our time at the gorgeous COMO The Halkin and then packed up our things and rolled our suitcases about 5 minutes down the road to the equally stunning COMO Metropolitan.  We were unbelievable grateful to have been in the COMO Suite which wraps around half of a floor with full views over Hyde Park and Knightsbridge.  It's hands down the largest hotel room I've ever stayed in!  For being more of a true urban hotel it is balanced perfectly with little touches of calm.  The tub not only overlooks the hustle bustle but also a meditation rock garden.  *You can also access the meditation on the tv while you're bathing which is like a self-care explosion for the senses.  It also is home to a dedicated wellness center, COMO Shambhala Urban Escape. 

After a really amazing few days of weather, London showed her true grey colors and filled our days with some cold rain.  Good news? Why leave the room! We did try, though.  A quick walk around Notting Hill & Portobello Market to Kensington Palace and then a quick 13 minute pit stop at the Lightroom in Harvey Nichols for an LED treatment was good enough for us.  The next thing on the agenda was COMO Shambhala room service and booking some treatments.  While London is full of over-the-top spas, their Urban Escape focuses on more results driven holistic treatments by specialists.  

Shiatsu & Bad Spleen Qi

Ok, so I'm always blown away by how fast someone can read my body energy with just a light touch.  My specialist gave me a full Chinese medicine scan before we started our Shiatsu treatment.  Within minutes she said, your spleen system Qi (or chi) is off (read: you eat too much sugar, your pancreas is freaking out) and your lung chi is also bad (cue my horrible shallow breathing habits and anxiety).  Her recommendation was acupuncture for next time (They have a specialist here for that!).


This time, she focused on a non-oil treatment called Shiatsu which utilizes pressure points to realign energy in the body and really get to the root of tension.  The lesson here is don't be fooled by thinking an oil massage is the only way to relieve tension.  In my opinion, even though I love a good aromatherapy oil deep tissue, sometimes oil can make the therapist glide right past the spot missing it entirely.  Shiatsu identifies certain meridians in the body and along with points of tension for a more customized energy work/body work experience.  Give it a try!

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Soaking it Up

Can you blame us for indulging a bit here? I mean, the shower has a city-scape peep hole and indulging in bath salts at sunset is really hard to beat.  I won't repeat myself too much but having an even fuller COMO Shambhala food menu at this location was amazing.  I'm excited to head to the source of this in Bali and have a chat with the dietitian about what it takes to truly eat well. Stay tuned for that and in the meantime I hope this brings you some inspiration for your next trip!