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Calla In Motion

Wellness at the Inn of the Five Graces

Lindsey Calla


There are some hotel experiences that are designed to be truly transformative. Usually these types of places hit every sensation in your body. Visually they delight, bringing us into a whole new world away from whatever we traveled to get away from. There’s always a scent of place, moving us to take deep inhales and relax. These scents usually linger and leave imprints in our memories. Music piped in can alter our mood or maybe it’s as simple as silence and the crackling of a fire. Sound can energize us to get up and explore or fall back into the touch of the sheets. These are the five graces. In Eastern belief, they mimic the five senses we experience. I picture them holding hands in a circle dancing wildly around. If we are lucky, we can get caught up in their rapture. I fell deeply and madly into this circle of senses last week when I made the best decision to book a week at The Inn of the Five Graces.

It had been on my bucket list for a long time, and to be honest a bit excessive for my budget, but I was specifically looking for a place where I could finish some creative projects. I needed the graces, the muses of the senses, to usher me along across the finish line. Boy, was it the best week ever and worth every single solitary cent. If you get a chance to come to Santa Fe, I implore you to stay here and have this experience.

Mosaics & Master Suites

The owners, Ira and Sylvia Seret, spent years traveling the world, specifically through Afghanistan, sharing the treasures of artisans and bringing them back stateside. They have that gorgeous store, Seret & Sons, on a Santa Fe corner before you enter the plaza. You can’t miss it. Outside, there are hundreds of doors and arches stacked up with exotic textiles practically spilling out of its walls. They brought that design magic into the hotel experience and it feels like you’ve stepped into Morocco or Asia. Set that against the adobe buildings in one of the most historic streets in the city and you’ve got straight magic. Sylvia is a brilliant mosaic artist and the rooms are the creative outcome of her labor of love. I heard that my bathroom alone took 6 months of tiling. How could I not be creative surrounded by this!?

The Wellness Package

The Inn adds to the wellness and spiritual vibe of the city with a few select spa treatments and a wellness package for those looking for a real wellness getaway without leaving the property. A magnificent mosaic spa is in the midst of being built, which will no doubt blow everything out of the water. It’s set to open in 2019. In the meantime, you can add the wellness package on which includes:

  • 4 massages, tip included

  • A selection of cold-pressed juice elixirs delivered at night

  • A giant bowl of fresh fruit

  • A selection of bath and beauty products from DesertBlends via Taos

Highly recommend the Ayurvedic massage in the Winter (warm oils = happy Vata) and the High Mountain Hydration in the Summer (they spritz you with refreshing flower essence water)


Once I stepped out of the massage room, warm and smelling of sweet basil scented oils, I would feast on a gourmet breakfast that comes with the room rate. My senses were tingling each and every day. Especially at night, when I would tend to a piñon wood fire and soak in the tub with the smell of juniper, sage and lavender.

The staff and attention to detail solidify the Inn of the Five Graces as a complete 5 star, unique experience set in one of the most sensational cities in the country.

Come alone. Come with your partner. Come with your family. You will love it!

*They are having 20% off room rates of 2 nights or more through December 15th!