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Sun Lit

Calla In Motion

Sun Lit

Lindsey Calla

Resort and summer are my favorite style seasons.  There's a relaxed, more bohemian approach to getting dressed up every day and I love that rawness.  It's all about minimal makeup, natural hair texture and a glow that is hard to replicate in any other time of the year.  This is the most dressed up I was in Tulum and to be honest it's probably pretty overdressed.  You can really get away with a coverup and slides at all times which I embraced most of the time there.  That said, I really love something off-the-shoulder with lots of texture that shows off sun-kissed skin.  Tulum is a place that I really connected with and dream of just getting completely off the grid and living in a caftan.  But for now, it's only a short flight away to heaven and I'll make the time to get here as much as life allows.

Hat: JCrew, Top: Sky, Shorts: Saylor, Shoes: Tory Burch