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Coconut, Chia and the LWB

Calla In Motion

Coconut, Chia and the LWB

Lindsey Calla

Staying Bikini Ready in Paradise & The Power Breakfast You Need To Know About

Happy Tuesday! I realize that most people are up to their ears in snow and can't get out the door without 7 layers and I totally commiserate with that after growing up on the east coast and spending years slushing through the streets of NYC.  Now I split my time between NYC and New Orleans and I tend to really sway more on the Nola side this time of year so that I can keep myself sane and also be blog productive.  It's also helpful that Tulum is a quick flight away and can be done relatively inexpensively if you are ok with being "eco-luxe" or a little bit rustic.  

One of the things about a winter trip is coming to grips with having to put on a bikini during the sluggish season and then waking up every day in paradise and making good choices so I don't overstuff with guac and chips.  To combat the bloat I tried out a light breakfast of mango chia pudding with fresh coconut water and it really is the most satisfying and healthy choices for the a.m.  It's rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3s and kept me filled up on fiber.  I had energy, my stomach stayed flat and I was able to feel that much better about embracing the laid-back bikini lifestyle that Tulum has to offer.  I'm thinking about trying it out more often at home so I'll pass along the recipe that I think is the best when I find it!

As far as the bikini, you can find that at Revolve.  It's Issa De'Mar.. here are the links:

Top: Issa De'Mar, Bottom: Issa De'Mar (Also comes in pink)