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Getting the Glow

Calla In Motion

Getting the Glow

Lindsey Calla

The most powerful message I've ever come to understand is the idea that stillness has energy.  I talked about this a while back in a more physical, yoga sense but as I've been traveling more and more and finding so much inspiration there, it's made me re-assess the idea of staying still.  In reality it's almost impossible to continue to travel consistently.  There's this push and pull in my mind that on the one hand says 'Go! Wander! Explore! Create!' and the other that says 'Stay! Plan! Execute! Find Routine!'.

One of the things that keeps me traveling and  being active out in beautiful places is getting that zen, travel glow.  There's something about being in clean mountain air or starting the day off with an ocean swim that seems to cure all that ails the mind, spirit, muscle and the skin.  Part of the reason why it's so effective is because it's so pure.  So when I'm at home and in a normal routine I reach for a bag full of products that mimic the glow that only nature can give.  It makes me feel like I can still reap the benefits of being away somewhere amazing where some of these ingredients actually grow naturally.  What's powerful about the products I'm listing is their commitment to purity and they all have a very short list of effective ingredients.  Check out the choices below and feel free to click on the photos to purchase.

  • RMS Buriti Bronzer

    • The biggest selling point for me is that this isn't a powder.  My skin is way too old for powders and now begs for ingredients that nurture and quench while giving a dewy glow, nothing matte.  Buriti oil has the highest concentration of Vitamin A + Beta-carotene.  This product is so far from the orangey, fake bronzers and has a buildable sheer application.  *If you have darker skin it acts as a luminizer
  • Herbivore Sea Mist

    • I love this brand.  The packaging is awesome and their products are really unique to the market.  The Sea Mist spray for the hair is so close to a real ocean swim with it's ultra pure ingredients including real Pacific Ocean salt.
  •  RMS Coconut Oil Wipes

    • The most incredible, useful, brilliant product on the market, in my opinion.  These makeup remover wipes come pre-moistened with coconut oil (!).  I hate most wipes because they contain various forms of alcohols and they dry my skin out.  This is the answer to all of life's make up removal problems. 
  • RMS Living Luminizer

    • Getting a believable dewy, just came back from a facial at a resort look rests in this one product alone.  I use it a lot when I'm doing photoshoots with brands to get a sweaty glowy look.  It's incredibly pure and simple.  Easy as that!
  • French Girl Bronzing Oil

    • For sparkly, bronzed skin the safe way, I can put on SPF and still feel like I have a glow.  This brand has Etsy roots and now is being picked up by Nasty Gal so you know it's becoming a cult line.  If you read through her description of how pesticides find their way to fats/lipids and then into oils we put on our bodies when pressed is eye-opening.  Needless to say, sourcing organic ingredients is a big focus for her.
  • French Girl Sea Spray

    • Another option similar to the Sea Mist for hair.  The difference is in a few different essential oil ingredients which differentiates the smell.  So it's really a personal preference.  This one has more of a rose aroma whereas the Sea Mist has a beachy, vanilla smell. 

Photos: Marianna Massey