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The Evolution of Practice

Calla In Motion

The Evolution of Practice

Lindsey Calla

In between all of the travels I've had recently I've been making the time to prioritize my yoga practice.  Even though I'm still fitting it on while traveling there is nothing better than being at my home studio and be able to pick up where I left off with some of the teachers that I adore.  It's in those moments that I feel the most progress.  It's subtle and maybe just that one day something became available to me that didn't before, and may never again, but I like to think I'm making strides.  I can see these subtle changes the best in photographs.

One of these moments happened when I decided to bring my camera to take some photos in between classes.  One of my teachers at Reyn Studios, Nicole, had been leading us into chin stand prep for a while.  The first time I attempted it I fell on my face but in this fleeting moment when I had set up the blocks to set the focus points, pressed the timer, ran over to the mat and focused my energy on the posture the camera snapped and there it was: progress.  Trust your abilities and be brave.  We are far more fierce than we let our minds think!