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3 Ways to Soothe Anxiety Naturally

Lindsey Calla

Bra:  Carbon 38 , Pants: Weargrace

Bra: Carbon 38, Pants: Weargrace

The change of season always throws me a bit out of balance. I’ve always oscillated in and out of anxious spells throughout the different phases of the year, the month and even over my lifetime. The older I get the more I think it’s natural to have ups and downs in stress levels but I also think our current cultural habits are also making things a bit worse. These are three ways that really help me manage those moments and hopefully you can gather some inspiration for yourself as well.

Kava Kava Root

I like to take Gaia Kava Kava Root extract before bed or any time I’m feeling overwhelmingly anxious. I absolutely do NOT drive after taking this because it’s so sedating and relaxing that I don’t trust my motor skills after. However, it’s amazing at night before bed to ease into sleep gently. There are a few concerns with this plant use regarding the liver so consult a doctor first before picking some up at Wholefoods or online.


If you’re looking for an external ritual to soothe anxiety, Shirodhara is absolutely a fantastic way to calm the nervous system. With temperatures dropping this is a great time to begin this ritual. Warm oil is poured on the forehead/third eye and it literally sends chills down my spine in the most relaxing way. It’s fantastic for emotional well-being, and bonus, it makes your hair super shiny.

UMA Wellness Oils

I was just chatting with the lovely founder behind UMA Oils and she recommended trying her Pure Calm wellness blend on certain pressure points in the body to promote relaxation. Taking a few drops between the toes and working your way up the body on the wrists, temples and finally inhaling the aromatherapy through the nose. Think of this as an investment for your wellbeing. UMA Oils comes from an 800 year lineage of Ayurvedic practitioners to India’s royalty. Their estate grows some of the highest quality, most-potent essential oils on Earth!