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Calla In Motion

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The Upside of the Backside

Lindsey Calla

There are so many fad workouts and diets and new things popping up every day that promise to transform.  Transform is an interesting word because I believe that each body can respond to a workout differently given your body type, workout experience and overall commitment to it so the promise to transform always seems like such a lofty tagline to me.

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Lindsey Calla

Nothing makes me happier than being alone on a beach, focused and within my own self just taking in the ebb and flow of the waves kissing the sand.  This was a particularly beautiful early fall sunset and the retreat of the waves left a shimmer that showed these beautiful reflections.  It was something I stumbled upon while photographing and the mirror image in the first photo just felt like such a good representation of what doing yoga on a beach can bring you: a complete reflection of self.  The mirror doesn’t lie and neither does the body.  I’ve always been amazed with what the body can do when you train yourself mentally and physically, which naturally comes from being an athlete, but yoga pushes this further than I ever thought possible.  Yesterday I was in class and was able to do my first headstand with my palms on the ground, forcing my arms and core to lock into place and lift my legs off the ground.  It was completely controlled and almost easy.

Even with that simple personal triumph, I still struggle with super tight hamstrings and locked hips.  Going through some of these poses really helps to get everything feeling loose and open.  Hope this brings some inspiration for the weekend!  I realize this isn’t front row reporting from Milan, throwing outfit shots up every free moment, but this focus and pace brings me in a better place than chasing that endless wheel of never doing or having enough.  Thanks for reading!

Headstand Challenge

Lindsey Calla

The most important foundation to having a strong body is having a strong core. When you’re core is strong you will be amazed at what your body can do and how your muscles react around it. The best example of this is in yoga, and more specifically, some type of inversion. I like to focus on the tripod headstand because it involves really firing up your core and when it’s strong enough and you’re in balance, your whole body will click into place upside-down. I thought it would be good to go through some of the techniques around this and from what I’ve learned through practicing at Reyn Studios in Nola (my favorite yoga space in the world!) Also, EXPRESS has a Core Performance line so I thought what better way to showcase my Core with some Core? See what I did there?

Killer Combo

Lindsey Calla

Between doing yoga and working on balance, strength and flexibility, I also like to work in more traditional exercise moves like lunges, squats, etc.  It’s that old saying that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and lunges completely fall into that category.  I remember a time when I feared they would pack muscle on and bulk me up, but with the killer combo of cardio, yoga and lunges it’s really helped lean my legs out and make them look long and lean rather than short and bulky.

Suspending my arms in the air engages my core and incorporating high-knees into the lunge makes it feel a little more explosive.  Sometimes I hold a stability ball between my hands to challenge my core even more.  These will really get your butt and legs tingling in the best way possible.  I’m also a big fan of the pops of color in my workout outfit.  The pop of neon in the sports bra is everything!

Hot Yoga Sweat Tips

Lindsey Calla

Photos: Marianna Massey, shot at Reyn Studios

Lindsey Calla

Hello, hello! If you follow me on instagram you probably know already that I am super into hot yoga. The benefits of sweating are endless from glowing skin to increased energy and I'm hooked on that feeling you get when you breathe through a pose and beads of sweat start coming out of your pores. Sounds gross but I always can tell if I'm dehydrated if I go through a tough class without sweating a lot. Yoga has a funny way of presenting the things that are off balance in your body!  And I kid you not, when we shot these photos the room was over 100 degrees!  The other tough part is figuring out how to leave class not looking like a sweaty mop of a person. Here are a few things I keep in my yoga bag to help with the aftermath.

Secret Clear Gel Deodorant- This is a water based gel so it works faster and leaves NO white marks on your clothing. It also dries incredibly fast so you feel fresh and get great odor protection for 48 hours. That covers class and whatever else I manage to get up to after. It's also way better option than a spray, in my opinion.  Big thanks to the Secret team for helping to inspire this post idea as well.

Drybar Triple Sec 3 in 1 volumizer, texturizer and refresher- This has a light dry shampoo to absorb oils so it leaves my hair refreshed and not weighed down from all of the sweat.  It also travels really well size-wise.

CamelBakwater bottle: I've been trying to carry these around with me everywhere so I drink more water. I feel good that I've been using less plastic bottles and it never leaks so I don't have to worry about spilling in my bag all over my phone or camera. Thank goodness for that because I once ruined my whole DSLR camera because a bottle spilled. Yikes.

Yoga bag: lululemon, Top: Vimmia, Bottoms: lululemon


The Leather Legging Workout

Lindsey Calla

Well, the first cold snap of the season has hit and it left me pulling out my heavier clothing in a hurry. I was rummaging through my winter boxes pulling out wool hats, big, oversized cozy sweaters, and my favorite, leather leggings. Everyone always talks about getting into shape for your skinny jeans but I tend to prefer the feeling of tight, buttery leather when the temps drop. So, in honor of my favorite fall/winter staple, here are a few workouts that will target the butt, legs and overall core to get your booty ready for the weather and the leather.

The Bosu ball is one of my favorite pieces of equipment to help tone up the lower body. I love it because when I use it to train specific areas, I’m actually firing up my core through stabilization and training multiple areas at once. It’s a great way to connect your whole body to your training exercises. I find that the adidas Energy Boost 2.0 ESM shoe is ideal for these exercises. The shoe which offers a lot of support for explosive moments also has techfitTM to stretch with you when your trying to stabilize. Here we go:

Bosu Bridge This is similar to a bridge in yoga but you have your feet placed on the stabilizer rather than the mat/floor. The extra stabilization forces your thighs and butt to kick into gear and work harder to lift your hips off the floor. I do 3 x 10 here. 3 sets of 10 reps.

Killer Core Series This is more of a whole body workout rather than just specific to the legs but you have to really engage your core for the explosive movements and stabilization so you’ll feel an all over toning, especially in the tummy. Leather can be less forgiving and not stretch as easily so I like to keep my core strong and lean. I chose the Powerluxe Ruffle Tank for this because it hugs your core and will follow your moves rather than creep up and move around.

Lindsey Calla
Lindsey Calla

Start standing up with the BOSU upside-down

Jump down into a squat position and grab the ball on the handles.

leather 7
leather 7
Lindsey Calla
Lindsey Calla

Step back into a high plank

Stabilize your core and do a pushup on the ball

Lindsey Calla
Lindsey Calla
Lindsey Calla
Lindsey Calla

Jump back into a squat

Lindsey Calla
Lindsey Calla

Then pick up the ball and squat lift over your head

Lindsey Calla
Lindsey Calla
Lindsey Calla
Lindsey Calla

This is a tough one and may take a few rounds to really nail. I try to do 3 sets of these but it’s definitely something to build up to.  Here's the GIF so you can see the sequence in motion.

Hope you add these to your workouts and remember that when you feel healthy it will show on the outside. It’s not about being perfect or looking perfect but rather feeling great and confident to rock these leather leggings whatever your size or shape. It’s all about progress, not perfection!

Workout outfit: Top, leggings, shoes, bra: adidas Leather leggings: Acne Images: Marianna Massey Location: St Roch Market

Xo, SG

Hit The Trails

Lindsey Calla

Fall is the best time to get out and experience nature with its changing colors and brisk climate. There really is nothing better than filling your lungs with crisp, cool air when you’re out training on the trails. Once you decide to make the forest your gym, it’s important to consider having the right training gear to go with the elements.

The threat of ticks, sticks and poisonous leaves is real so being a little extra covered up is key. Differences in temperature when you get to somewhere more mountainous is also something to consider but the innovations in fabrics for athletic wear has come so far that it doesn’t mean I have to layer like a marshmallow women. This is climawarm from adidas so it’s meant to withstand those temperature drops while also being breathable. I also always go for tights that extend longer through the leg and ankle (maybe even thicker, higher socks to really seal that gap) and a jacket that has extended sleeves with thumbholes and a higher neckline.

I can’t really describe in words just how much better I feel when I’m outside of a city, breathing fresh air and just prioritizing being in nature. I find that my anxiety starts to really kick in when I push myself too hard and move at a pace that’s not healthy. The funny thing is that I actually feel like I have more clarity and can be more productive when I reduce my pace of living. I challenge you this week/weekend to put down the phone and just take in the beauty of whatever landscape you find inspiring.

Jacket, bra, tights, shoes: adidas

Xo, SG

Sg x adidas Bikini Bootcamp

Lindsey Calla

Summer is officially here! The weather has taken an amazing turn for the best and bikini season has kicked into full swing. I always try to up my health and fitness in the weeks leading up to summer but I really kick it into high gear once I realize that it’s ACTUALLY here. There are a few things I do to make sure I keep my metabolism up and maintain the work I put in beforehand and I’ve partnered with adidas and Refinery 29 to give you a little summer bikini bootcamp boost. Let’s start with the cardio.

I hate endurance running. I was always someone who preferred short bursts of energy to keep my focus rather than a long run at a slow, consistant pace. The shorter bursts of energy really challenge your heart rate so I jog/walk a few blocks then sprint for 30 seconds and repeat. Some days I just walk 4 miles and some days all I have time for is a few suicides, but I always try to keep some type of cardio involved. It’s also a time when I get away from my computer and a lot of ideas pop into my head. I find that an effective cardio routine is a personal preference depending on what works for your body. I suggest switching it up constantly so you are always challening your body to react to something new and kick into high gear.

- If you’re on the treadmill: Set a time that is comfortable for your level of endurance (20 min, 30 min, 45 min etc). Walk/jog for 2 min, sprint for 30 seconds. If you hate sprinting or even jogging for that matter, walk 2 minutes and then up the incline for 30 sec-1 minute. Repeat.

I always combine strength and toning movements into my workouts and an exercise ball is an affordable and effective piece of fitness equipment to keep around the house/gym. For both the cadio and strength I chose the Techfit boyshorttank, Supernova bra and Boost shoe. The shorts are really thin and feel almost like second-skin and they DON’T ride up which is key when you’re running or moving around. All of these pieces are really lightweight options so they are optimal for training in the heat. Here are the ball workouts that I  like to incorporate into my exercise routine:

Wall Sit

  • Lower into a squat against the ball until your thighs are parallel with the floor (watch that your knees don't go past your feet).  Squat against the ball for 30-60 seconds.  I repeat 3 times 

Pike & roll

  • Start with your knees tucked and the tops of your feet resting against the ball.  Push your feet out until you come to a pike position.  Roll back to start.  Make sure to keep your arms strong and don't scrunch them to your shoulders.  It's all about keeping strength in your core, not your shoulders.  Do 10 reps per set x 3.

Side Leg Raise

  • Lay on your side and squeeze the ball between your feet.  Lift your legs off the ground and back down 5-10 times per set depending on your strength.  Times 3. 

The Back Crunch

  • Don't pull your neck up here.  You want to use your core and your back to lift yourself off of the ball and back down.  Do a set of 5, 3-4 times 


  • Put the ball between your ankles.  Lift up and try to meet your hands to the ball.  Don't scrunch your neck or shoulders.. Again, it's about using your core to lift off and touch.  5-10 reps.  Repeat 3 times.

There you have it!  I always have way more energy after I complete this series.  It just makes everything feel tight and right.  Everyone says, if you can't tone it, tan it.. but I say, let's tone it and tan it!  *Don't forget that you can pin gifs to Pinterest now if you want to bookmark these exercises. See you on the sand!


The Strength Lab

Lindsey Calla

Moves Straight From NYC's Hottest Training Gym- Soho Strength Lab

Happy weekend!  This is part II of my Fitspiration collaboration with Adidas and Refinery 29 that I am so excited to share with you!  We shot both last week's and this week's post all in one day so you can imagine how I woke up the next morning.  I couldn't even lift my arms up to dry my hair they were so sore!  I didn't mind too much though because I felt like I really got a full body workout, especially after spending some time doing these old school intense workouts.  We decided to give Soho Strength Lab a try and the second I walked through the door I was reminded of pre-season workouts back in my Division I college lacrosse days.  Sand bags, ropes, and weight sleds lined the room along the astroturf that unpleasantly reminded me of the same faux grass that caused my ACL to tear during a routine scrimmage (ouch!).  Fear aside, I knew that I would love the focus on more athletic inspired exercises.

Boutique gyms are beginning to become pretty popular not just for intense athletes looking to train but for the normal every day person who wants to really challenge themselves and find a more intimate environment.  The more direct attention from the staff/trainers on hand means better workouts with better form and intensity.  The whole gym itself was pretty small by American gym standards but there was enough room to feel like you could breathe and move around.  While we were between takes the trainer made me do more reps of these workouts instead of standing around waiting.  I pushed that giant sled up and back about 4 times in a sprint and my legs were burning.  These workouts are no joke but are designed to speed up metabolism.  Like last week, there is a Q & A and more detailed descriptions and tips from the trainer.  Below is a good stretch to do before you start working out and a bench dip that will really help sculpt the booty and legs.


Bra, Shorts, Shoes: Adidas Location: Soho Strength Lab